Dakine backpacks

I have come to love my Dakine packs. I started off with a super popular Camelbak lobo and whilst it was alright, it was pretty sub par in all aspects compared to the Dakine packs i am using now.

The dakine packs have thick straps so it sits very comfortably on your back. I was surprised with how comfortable my nomad is until i noticed how fat all the straps are. They really provide a good contact point for your body when you are moving around the bike. The nomad is my go to bag for carrying everything. It has every compartment i could possibly hope for and some i will never use but i always wanted something smaller to replace the Lobo on my typical 2-3hr rides. Enter the session.

For $47 it cannot be beat. Let me run you through the features of this excellent hydro pack. But firstly my biggest complaint with the pack.

It features the same shoulder strap as the dakine nomad but the abdomen strap is your typical skinny strap. The Nomad’s feature the comfiest abdomen strap i have ever had the pleasure to use but the session’s feel a little more intrusive. Also because the pack is smaller it tends to not sit on your back as flat as the Nomad. So overall, i dont think it is as comfy as the nomad but it isn’t hugely effecting. Now i got that out of the way here are some good features that it shares with its larger nomad brother.

The hosing on the valve is thick so it flows plenty of water. The valve also has a secure twist action so twist to turn it off and twist to turn it on. Only problem with that is also that you cannot operate it with one hand or mouth.

The pack has two fleece lined compartments for valuables such as phones and cameras or ipods. I think its intended for sunnies but electronics with lcd screens goes nicely in here too 🙂

A big part of what makes dakine so good is the useable storage compartments. In the Camelbak i always felt like i ran out of space to put stuff but not so on the Dakine. Always enough space even in the smaller session which is comparable to the lobos in size. This is my tool pocket compartment. Tubes/pumps/tyregauges/patches/levers/pockettools/gels are usually kept here and sectioned off so it does not dirty the rest of the pack.

This is the bigger compartment where i can store stuff that is sometimes a little more valuable like ayup lights or gopro cameras and sometimes even a jersey or two. This area is kept clean by storing items that doesn’t get too greasy or sticky.

Lastly if you are so inclined to bring armor but don’t want to ride it to the top of the hill you can strap it up with these straps. Good for those non xc days and for organising everything into one pack for less clutter.

All of this for $47 is pretty damn unbeatable i reckon. On top of it all it looks pretty nice too. Nicely understated but not boring!



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