Last nights MD ride and my continuing thoughts on the Yeti

Yesterday night after much deliberation a couple of bmu regulars turned up to ride MD at night. It turned out that the deliberation was never needed as the trail was more than perfect. The rain has left the rocks/roots dry but the sand on the berms has packed down nicely! Present was Stan, Kevin, Trieu, Clifton, Felix and myself.

I packed the bike and everything that morning so i headed to MD straight from work. Even with the traffic i managed to arrive ahead of schedule. When i got Clifton’s message saying he was going to be a little late i decided to park at the school and get an early lap in. Once i finished my first lap i found all the others at the hydro lab and together we headed off for a second lap (for me).

Straight away Felix was lagging behind a little and i decided to keep him company whilst the fast boys headed off led by MD veteran Stan. Felix and I had fun and eventually we caught up to the rest of the group at the top of heartbreak where Stan had a leaking rear tyre. From there i decided to speed up the pace a little and enjoy the dh sections to come and enjoy i did. It was great to night ride again and catch up with everyone even if it was for a short amount of time.


It seems like the most popular subject on this blog is from people looking up yeti asr5 reviews. Fair enough, there isn’t all that many reviews online of it that are from amateur riders. I thought it would be good to continue detailing my thoughts on the asr5 and how it rides.

So i think i understand the Yeti fairly well now. I don’t think it is an optimal xc race bike but i wasn’t looking for one in the first place. For a race bike you would be better off riding a hardtail of some sort. I mean you can definitely race the Yeti but depending on your podium aspirations there are better tools out there.

The 70mm stem is here to stay. It just makes the bike more fun which is my no1 goal. It has achieved that without any questions. The tyres are pretty decent too. I know all tyres are a compromise. You can’t have the best grip and roll like a race tyre but continually the balance of compromise is getting smaller and smaller. This is so far the best tyre i have ridden that provides usable grip with decent rolling. Let’s say a race king is 5 rolling and 3 grip, i feel the X-kings are 4.25 for rolling and 4 for grip. A more balanced tyre which suits the personality of the Yeti. Still, the most important aspect is reliability. So far the X-king 2.25 variants are holding pressure admirably but the 2.4 variants have continually had issues. Yesterday i managed to burp the 2.4 fronts for the first time.

I don’t want to sound all egotistical and crap but i am riding faster now than before. Especially on trails i know better and i am pushing my limits on some of the sections. The more i push myself and the bike the more little things i can feel that i wasn’t able to before. I had always known that the 1380g stans wheelset was a little flexy (i had a zip tie tied on my sids before and when i got out of the saddle i could hear the tyre buzzing on it with every shove) but i feel that more and more now. It’s alright but in certain sections the wheels will twang a little and it is slightly weird feeling. I think the closest feeling i can describe is to say that it feels like my stem isn’t tightened to my steerer. A few times ive managed to feel as if my stem was coming loose from the deflection in the rims. Maybe a stiffer set of wheels is in order? Not sure yet but that is an area for improvement in terms of stiffness. Maybe the easton haven carbons at a similar weight but a much stiffer ust rim? Maybe maybe.

I am also looking forward to my dropped seatpost as i am sure that will crank the dial to 11 in terms of fun and versatility. I am happy to say that i have unclenched my fist slightly in regards to weight weenisim. I love my bikes light but i am able to sacrifice adding weight where necessary within reason to provide a better ride!

I think the most impressive thing with the Yeti is how it is directly up to you as a rider. When i was riding with felix the bike felt crap. I wasn’t putting any effort into riding and i felt like i was going to crash on every root even though i was riding so slowly within my limits. After i turned a switch in my mind and went for it on the dh sections the Yeti literally came alive. I know its so cliched but it really did. The bike gets better and better the more you push it, it gets better and better the less fear you have and it gets better and better the more you trust in it. This is a double edge sword though because if you cannot ride it aggressively or get it to that sweet spot it is a pretty average bike.

There are always things to improve though and apart from the wheelset i mentioned earlier i can think of a few other things. The brake levers on my elixirs has gone to crap once again. I love the brakes and the way they feel but they are pretty finicky. A re-bleed will fix that up though (for maybe like another 3 rides before it needs looking at again). I keep looking at Kev’s new xtr drivetrain and the asian in me want’s it but the sensible in me says not yet. It is damn nice though….

I am also playing around with the idea of a brian lopes mrp sl guide. It is like a mrp 1.x except it has a bottom guide too. It should make the chain even more secure/quieter if i end up going for this solution. Not sure though as of yet if it is absolutely necessary.

Another unsettling thing is the grips. During a drop yesterday they spun around on me. Pretty scary in itself. I must remember to put some carbon assembly compound under the grips so it doesn’t turn around as much on the slippery carbon handlebar surface.

So conclusion is i have never loved the Yeti more! Really happy with my stable now.


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