Wet shorts

How many pairs of riding shorts do you guys have? MTB ones that is. What kind of material do you guys prefer on your shorts? Do you prefer the soft feel of the fox shorts? or the more weather proof material sometimes featured on rain jackets? My fox shorts is still serving me although the velcro adjustment bands have being destroyed after many washes. My cannondale shorts *my first pair of cycling shorts* is still in good shape with only the brand missing after repeated usage. It has gone from CANNONDALE to CAONDALE to CAODALE to now what is officially O.

I like the fox shorts feel the best but their soft material is also susceptible to sweat the most. They don’t dry up as quickly as more synthetic materials but do feel the best when they are dry. I am interested to see what you guys are wearing and how many pairs you have!

I kinda like the newer red sergeants. At least you will know where i am through the woods?


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One response to “Wet shorts

  1. I only wear MTB shorts on short rides, or more techy rides where I think I might fall and tear the lycra. Anything over 20km I’ll wear lycra these days. Much more comfortable. My Fox shorts get too hot and the chamois is way too bulky. My old Netti Shy shorts are much cooler material and apart from the fact the chamois has worn out don’t do a bad job.

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