Yet another fine morning

Headed to one of the best trails this morning for some decent riding. Managed to meet up with 5-6 riders and we had plenty of fun. Appin has gone rougher yet again and it was interesting sniffing out the best lines all over again. Maybe i ride Appin quite a bit but it is an interesting case to the ever changing trails that we ride. NO trail will ever stay the same for an extended period of time. They often evolve just like everything else in this sport. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

There is no doubts now. The X-king 2.4 up front definitely offers better grip compared to the 2.4 supersonic MK i was running previously. However, they seem super super sensitive to pressure. I usually pump up the tyres to 20psi and they feel pretty hard. After 10 minutes into a ride i notice that they would soften up quite a bit. Around the 17-18psi mark is when they start feeling amazing. Not sure if i want to run pressure as low as that even though i am light. I have also added 3 cups of sealant in the tyres but it doens’t seem to be stopping it leaking that first initial burst of air. Weird.

Off to re-test my sag to see how i am doing suspension setting wise. Thanks for the ride guys! Cliffy slept in. That is all.


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