Tuesday night

Tuesday night was spent at SOP (Sydney olympic park) with Kev, Clifton, Matt, Trieu and Felix. We did some loops and did a lot of sprinting for whatever reasons and came away pretty happy. I rode in from home and rode back from SOP for a total of around 75-80km. Happy with that for a weeknight. More happily, the BMC is becoming better and better. After much fettling around the BMC is pretty close to my ideal setup. Yesterday night i got a glimpse of how good the bike is. It climbs, sprints, corners without fault yet it is still comfy across the harshest roads. Di2 is so good. The chain is a little too short but that will be remedied as soon as my Chain-L lube comes in.

I am also feeling pretty good. We did quite a bit of flat stuff/sprinting and that usually is stuff that i suffer at but i still felt quite within my abilities. On the way home i was averaging 33-35km/h when the conditions suited and felt like i had quite a bit of reserve to go as my hr was around the 140-150bpm mark. Combined with the BMC saw me enjoying every bit of the commute home trying to beat cars through round abouts and accelerating hard out of corners. Can’t quite describe it but very fun in it’s own way.

3 caads yesterday night!

Rapha whores


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