MD last saturday

Went for a ride with Gije on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Funny how the guy can still be so fast after nearly no riding for ages. Still storms along the uphills/firetrails like i ought to do in my race -_-.

I have being trying to convince hice to get a sus fork but i have a feeling that he wants to stay on a rigid to challenge himself. My reasoning to him is that you can still challenge yourself even with a suspension fork. When i had my rigid voodoo i rode it a lot to challenge myself too but i realise now that i could have just kept riding the trance x but just challenged myself to ride it faster. There is always a way to go faster!

Conditions were also very kind to us as it spared us of pretty much all rain. As soon as it started drizzling we would drop back into the woods and avoid it and when we eventually came out it would have stopped drizzling. That is luck!



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