Random Rambles

  • Don’t get the new pizza hut stonefire range. It’s crap.
  • I have meetfresh cravings again.
  • Today’s Mt Annan ride was massive. I didn’t really get much riding done though since i wanted today to be a chill day. It was cool meeting the relatively new riders again and i have a feeling we will see more of them in the future. I really like the chilled atmosphere of these rides. Logistically they are a little bit of a nightmare but it will have to be. There will be days when we can go hard and there will be days when we have to wait up for the nubs.  Jarod suggested roadie tomorrow instead of Kentlyn but the more i think about it the more i want to have some fun of a different kind. I will decide tonight.
  • I am thirsty atm. Coke ftw
  • From most liked to least liked
  1. Stromlo
  2. Sparrow
  3. Ourimbah
  4. Awaba
  5. Manly/Appin
  6. Kentlyn/Menai
  7. Yellomundee/Camden
  8. Glenrock
  9. Bargo
  10. Mt Annan
  11. Loftus
  12. Oaks
  13. North rocks

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2 responses to “Random Rambles

  1. How can you possibly put Mt Annan that far down the list? It’s awesome 😀

    Keep me posted on what you’re planning for tomorrow and I’ll likely tag along.

  2. hahaha, good trail to train but i dont think it’s a lot of fun. There is something just odd about it i can’t quite put words to. I do agree with you that to make the track fun you have to go 110%. But most of the other trails are fun even when you dont go 110%.

    Ummmm, im out of bibs *all 4 of them* so a mtb ride is in order. Will converse with cliffy/timmy tonight and let you know! Do you want a fun ride or a more faster training ride?

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