A little bit more personal

The story of Japan is widely known now. After such massive media exposure, you would have to be a hermit to not know of it. What often gets missed is the little little personal stories. These stories imo are so much more emotional and allows us readers to relate (if it is even possible) a little bit more with the suffering and pain that these people are currently going through.

Harumi Watanabe rushed home to her elderly parents as soon as the earthquake struck. “I closed my shop and drove as quickly as I could,” she said. But there wasn’t enough time to save them. “They were old and too weak to walk so I couldn’t get them in the car.”

They were still in the living room when the tsunami hit. Though she gripped their wrinkled hands with all her might, the force of the water was too strong. Her mother and father were ripped from her grasp, screaming that they couldn’t breathe before they were dragged down. Her last words to them as the surge filled their family home with water, mud and carnage had been a desperate cry to “stay together”.

Watanabe was then fighting for her own life. “I stood on the furniture, but the water came up to my neck. There was only a narrow band of air below the ceiling. I thought I would die.”

Stay strong Japan and more importantly stay strong the individual citizens of Japan.


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2 responses to “A little bit more personal

  1. ley

    that story brought a tear to my eyes… thanks for sharing :]

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