Race pace

Watching Jarod ride Mt Annan on Saturday was kinda refreshing. For those that weren’t there, basically he was riding like his ass was on fire. I realised later that day though that i need to ride like that to improve more. It is simple enough for anyone to figure out. It is simply an act of conditioning your body to take on the stresses of racing. The more you do it, the more your body becomes used to it and the better you will be.

Riding at race pace is a hard thing to do not only due to the physical exertion required but also due to social aspects. Since all of us ride at difference pace and race pace calls on going full out with no breaks in between, you will be hard pressed to find riding partners that can ride at the exact same pace as you. Like someone said previously, most trainings are best done by yourself.

I know there is a lot of science involved in all of the above and there are intervals designed to improve your lactate threshold and etc etc but for me, i will simply try and push myself until i want to get off the bike and cry.

This mornings ride to kurnell. Beautiful sunrise.


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3 responses to “Race pace

  1. ukalipt

    another good one is “no brakes”
    try cornering without using brakes.
    its easy to dab them all the time… but so much better if you don’t

  2. So true. Casual, social riding only does so much for your race fitness (ie, very little).

    Get out there and smash yourself silly. Or better yet, find a training partner that’s ever so slightly faster than you.

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