Is the race pace training working?

I reckon it is definitely helping a little. I am able to ignore the lactate better and generally hold a higher limit. Even at race pace i felt like i had some reserve. This i think is mostly due to MTBing on a trail like Appin. There are plenty of corners and technical places that would make your heart rate drop so in a way it was easier cardio wise than an all out effort at Felix’s loop.

The course itself has gone pretty bad from the recent rain/wind over the weekend. Sand is at all the wrong places and rocks are bigger than ever. Not exactly the best time to be doing a hot lap. Speaking of that, i managed to forget starting my garmin so that was a bummer. Still, it’s good to be back on the mtb. I had particular fun riding with Timmy and Clifton through the rougher parts at similar pace. It’s just nice to go through sections at a similar speed and enjoy the flow!


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