Fail to think about things other than bikes

I tried yesterday, i tried hard. I noticed that all my posts lately have being about two wheeled objects and i said to myself, life is more than just that. I need my blog to reflect that. So i made a post that emphasised how asian i am and then i proceeded to make another post which was really about bikes but disguised (not very well) by something else. FAIL big time. So the natural progression from all that is of course another bike related post.

Santa cruz is going crazy atm. Definitely crazy. They just released 3 new bikes and they have another 1 on the burner. That is, on top of their already significant line-up. This is what i think about each of their new bikes.

First of all is the highball. Their 29er hardtail race machine. This bike’s purpose is pretty obvious. To cash in on the latest 29er craze and cater to the race crowd. Pretty simple here. I am pretty sure it will ride great, SC carbon has a good rep so far and a 1.1kg weight is awesome. I also like how they have kept the bottom bracket a standard threaded type so it makes carting over parts very very easy. It aint cheap though. $1850 usd. Like i said to trieu you have to be pretty dedicated to hardtails and racing to go for it (neither which is me).

Secondly the predictable alloy tallboy. This is definitely the money making cow, or is it? Tallboy was imo one of the best bikes released by SC to recent date and an alloy version is a no brainer. However, i have problems with it’s numbers. Apparently it is 3kg (think the carbon is 2.1 or 2.2 or something) and the price is a not so cheap $1850usd. The price isn’t that far off the carbon version so most people will just plock for the carbon. Since the carbon has being out for longer you will most likely find it at a cheaper price which further bridges the gap. I think this bike will not attract people looking for a cheap tallboy, because frankly, it isnt cheap at all. It will attract carbonphobes who want a very long lasting package in trustworthy alloy material. If i was buying a tallboy, i would undoubtedly find a good deal on the tallboy carbon and get that.

The last and best imo is the Blur TRc or Blur trail carbon. It is basically cashing in on the 5″ travel, low and slack and fast category of bikes that i love. Looking at the geo numbers they basically just looked over the spitfire/yeti asr5 and copied the numbers straight across. The yeti has a slightly longer TT but santa’s sizing has always being a little “inbetween”. Still the trump card of the Blur TRc is the vpp suspension system. Even though the spitfire is a similar virtual pivot suspension system, the execution is flawed. The sc with their vpp2 should have it all sorted out. So on paper it is similar to the Yeti but with a multi pivot suspension system. Still, like my previous post, you can’t judge bikes just by numbers and stats on paper. Riding it might reveal a completely different story. I have to be honest though and say that if the spitfire/yeti asr5 type of bikes was available in dw-link or vpp2 format, i would have a very hard time choosing. I do believe that the yeti asr5 kicks its ass in the aesthetics department though. Should be a great bike either way i reckon.


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