Yesterday nights ride

Was feeling a little lazy but forced myself out for a ride since it is going to be the last hard week before the Mont. Ended up being 80km or so and it was a pretty good ride. Weather’s getting pretty chilly though.

There was apparently an usher concert going on but i must have rode into sop at a good time because the roads were pretty quiet. Warmed up and proceeded to enjoy the pain that is Felix’s loop. To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything great because i remember last time to be pretty painful. Right off the bat, i nearly missed a left turn going 40km/h so i had to full brake hard. The carbon Reynolds surprised me with how well they stopped for sure. So, that lost me a bit of time and then when it came to the road part of the loop which included round abouts i was reminded that motorists are EFFING useless at noticing a bike entering from the other side. Another few seconds lost there but no big deal, would not have changed too much out of my overall time. Maybe like 3-5 seconds at max.

Near the end of the loop though i was feeling noticably better than the last time. That is to say i didn’t have a massive stitch and hence every pedal stroke wasn’t hurting me. However i was still in crap load of “normal” pain. So much so that i wanted to die and end it right there. Then i came off the bridge and got onto the last road and that road seemed to take FOREVER. I looked at my watch and saw that it was still 24minutes so i put my last effort in and finished it all up. Looking back, it would have being ultra weird if someone heard me riding down that final stretch as i screamed in pain with my teeth clenched. I might have even scared some rabbits off or something but at that moment i couldn’t give an eff if usher himself was there teaching people how to sing and how not to sing.

Since garmin was rolling nonstop due to my full ride i used my good ol stopwatch. Yes guys, before garmin and gps we used to use our stop watch 🙂 Of course, looking back i could have just used the elapsed lap time function on my garmin but whats the fun in that?

25:15 my watch recorded. That was a rough estimate and Strava later on confirmed a 25:24 which is a full 1:10 off my previous lap time. Ultra happy about that. Right now i am thinking i will never get past that time but i know one day i will. One day when i get stronger. This is pretty big deal for me because i am not the strongest flat rider around but i reckon this effort is still respectable for a solo effort…or maybe not. Maybe someone that knows what they are talking about can chime in. For most of the flat parts i would be averaging 38-40km/h. Basically only the climbs and numerous corners/blind turns/round abouts lowered my average. There also seemed to be quite a bit more wind yesterday but i might be mistaken.


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