Rapha = Chanel

No doubt the most fashionable attire for riding out there. All of there stuff oozes style and panache, but at a pretty steep price. I keep hearing from rapha owners (there are a few in our riding circle) that they are the best. I keep hearing that they are super comfy and just works and whilst i do not doubt that one bit, i do wonder how much better it is compared to the mavic gear i am wearing. The mavic gear i am wearing is super comfy too (i can’t really imagine how it will get comfier) and they all function perfectly (especially the jerseys). They are also very reasonably priced at $60 for a jersey and $120 for a full wind/rain proof jacket.

I guess they are definitely a luxury product. It isn’t a 100% necessary acquisition but it is good to have (eg a 100% necessary acquisition is if you are using your dads leather jacket as riding wear). Rapha/assos definitely has substance to back the good looks but people mostly buy into it due to the added style (which is priceless) and maybe the name as well. Maybe like a Jag wallet compared to a Chanel wallet. Maybe one day i will treat myself

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