Unnecessary risks

Riding a mtb or riding in particular is an act of risk taking in general. We all know this. However, within that risk taking there are lesser risks and there are major risks. There are also what i would like to call necessary risks and there are unnecessary risks. Taking a 5 foot drop is obviously a major risk and riding gingerly through a single track is a lesser risk. Taking the risk to overcome a technical obstacle to increase your confidence/ability is a necessary risk and riding with no gain and everything to lose is an unnecessary risk.

Yesterday night’s ride was an unnecessary risk. I didn’t gain much but risked a lot. One of those things where, luck/shit skills/shit conditions had a say, in equal doses. Coming into loftus single track i managed to fall otb on the log. First time in 3 years but nothing surprises me at loftus any more. I used the log to bump my front wheel up, a manoeuvre which i have completed for 3 years without fail, but yesterday, due to the wet log, as soon as i bumped my wheel on the log, it just slipped and i was over before i can say “really?”.

Shit luck, shit skill and shit conditions. No other way to put it. The thing is i don’t really have any cuts which is good, but i seemed to have torn a lower leg muscle. My shoulder is also very sore since i fell on my right side. The leg is pretty severe atm and does not allow me to walk without a limp. The simple act of pressing the brake on my drive into work was slightly painful and the simple act of turning the wheel at a round about was also soreness inducing. I am hoping that one or two more sleep’s will help but whatever happens, happens. The crappy thing is the leg muscle is directly related to cycling. I started loosing more and more power towards yesterday nights ride and towards the end i really couldn’t put any power down without obvious pain.

Obviously this shits me but i am no stranger to injuries too. I know that you can’t really predict fate so i will just see how it goes. Maybe i will feel perfectly fine on saturday arvo or maybe i won’t. If it doesn’t, shit happens i guess? lol Team manager for a second year?


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3 responses to “Unnecessary risks

  1. You were just unlucky, not really risk taking. Hope the injuries heal up quickly!

  2. Thanks! I am feeling better already actually. What i thought was unnecessary risks are to ride in the rain. I wasn’t actually going to ride that night too!

  3. ley

    don’t be too hard on yourself… remember, as much as it is a passion, it is a hobby… therefore it is about enjoying yourself as well :]

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