A little bit more about the Yeti

Starting in the next few days, i will start stripping the Yeti down and rebuild the bike. The fork will go in for a full service and all other parts will be taken off, cleaned and relubed. I am constantly trying to optimise the bike for what i am riding and have decided to put a race king back on the rear. The grip offered by the x-king rear tyre is more through loose corners. The back end bites more for sure but over technical terrain the grip is negligible. Should give me some extra speed for free. The dropper post will still go on. Drivetrain will be changed over to the new xtr pretty soon i think. Still running a front 1x setup but with 10spd on the rear now.

The mont course wasn’t really rough enough to take full advantage of the Yeti’s suspension travel but it was at least comfy. A lot of the uphill sections that was littered with rocks can be a sit and spin affair allowing you to be quite lazy and conserve a little bit of extra power. The sweeping sections through sweet apple was the best for the Yeti. Everyone that rides a ASR5 says that it excels at high speed sweeping turns and that is exactly what the sweet apple section is. The rest of it would have being faster on a steep xc hardtail as the turns were tighter.

I found that pro-pedal level 3 was the best setting for the mont course simply because the bumps were not big enough to warrant a super plush rear end. Just a slightly soft rear end is enough to take the edge off the bumps.

I will try and document the rebuild as it might be fun to go over exactly what kind of effort is required for a full bike overhaul. On the list of things to do are

  • Strip bike completely
  • Check pivot bolts
  • Lube bb
  • Change shifter cables/outer housing
  • Bleed brakes
  • Reapply carbon assembly compound to all contact points
  • Check brake pad life
  • Lube brake caliper bolts
  • Lube spd springs
  • Check sealant level in tyres
  • Change over drivetrain
  • Service fork

That’s quite a bit of things to do!



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