If you are in the market for a 1×10 drivetrain

ALL weight figures are actual weights and not manufactures claimed which is sometimes a fantasy.



cassette 209g
R.derailleur 180g
R.shifter 105g
chain 255g

total :: 749g     price :: $979


cassette 239g
R.derailleur 198g
R.shifter 110g
chain 255g

total :: 802g     price :: $732


cassette 359g
R.derailleur 210g
R.shifter 112.9g
chain 257g

total :: 938.9g     price :: $367


cassette 370g
R.derailleur 250g
R.shifter 112.4g
chain 257g

total :: 989.4g     price :: $257



cassette 272.2g
R.derailleur 176.4g
R.shifter 103g
chain 269g

total :: 820.6g     price :: $544


cassette 350g
R.derailleur 245g
R.shifter 120g
chain 275g

total :: 975g     price :: $257


cassette 380g
R.derailleur 275g
R.shifter 123g
chain 280g

total :: 1058g     price :: $203

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3 responses to “If you are in the market for a 1×10 drivetrain

  1. So the best option is. Xtr rear mech, shifter. Xx cassette and sram chain.

    For 743.4


  2. TOU93

    Even tho you have prolly already seen it somewhere else. http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Shimano-XT-and-XTR-2012.html

  3. OMFG, thanks for that link. I didnt do my pinkbike rounds yet!

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