This morning, i went for a ride with cliffy at royal natio again. Nothing full on but it was a great day to be on the bike, let alone riding royal natio. Didn’t feel too good this morning for whatever reasons *i blame it on my calf muscles* but uploading my data on strava i found something interesting. Is this improvement? If it isn’t what is it? I didn’t even feel that good today?

edit :: i forgot one important factor which is crucial for this comparo. If the nov 27 ride was a 200km ride then obviously the stats would be very different. I just checked the nov 27 ride and it was Jarod’s and Trieu’s royal natio intro ride. That wasn’t a particularly hard ride with about 60kms so the comparo is still a little valid. Maybe not as valid as a direct mirror route but better than comparing a 40km ride to a 100km ride. Average speed is similar too and i think the nov 27th ride also had more break time. Plus the Audley climb comparo would be unaffected because we pretty much do that straight up at the start of our ride.


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