BMU Bike Night x McCyclery

BMU Bike Nights have surely become a true tradition. The nights are just as much about the bikes as the people and Grant, from McCyclery, kindly played host to our latest BMU Bike Night. The bike night started at 6pm but i only managed to get in at around 715pm as the traffic was insane in the city (i wished i was on a bike). The new store was amazing and i commented more than a few times that if i was a bike mechanic, this would be the shop i wanted to work for. It was like browsing through a complete giant catolgue that was interspersed with kit from notable brands like Sidi, Pearl Izumi and Lazer.

Pic by Justin Fox

It was good to see the boy’s again after the Mont 24hr weekend and it felt like a good ol catchup session. Whilst we didn’t get any bike related work done today, all of us had plenty of fun chatting, squeezing brake levers and personally for myself, admiring Craig Gordon’s bike. Once we were sufficiently hungry, we headed over to Menya for some hot ramen on a cold night (nothing beats the combo). We horded the outside tables and combined them all to form one massive table and generally enjoyed each others companies whilst chowing down.

We finished up around 930pm and headed our own ways with unified thoughts of anticipation for the next BMU Bike Night. Sometimes it is definitely not about the bike 🙂



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