Nerd concert

On Saturday night, Ley and I attended the final fantasy concert orchasterated by the Sydney Symphony Orchastera. It has being a fair while since i have last visited the Opera house and it didn’t fail to impress.

The concert itself was very “easy” to approach. Classical music ain’t the most approachable music in the world. Even for someone that used to study classical music, i often found myself falling asleep in the midst of a concert. Final fantasy music isn’t what i would call classical music, i would classify the music more like “pretty” music. Very easy listening and very theme-able. As if it wasn’t easy listening enough, they kindly provided a massive projector display that would played final fantasy videos throughout the whole concert as well. I found myself only really watching the display most of the time and thought it was pretty distracting but provided good “atmosphere” to the whole thing.

I have always thought that my highschool life was very different to the life i am leading now and it was like revisiting that life even if for a few hours. A lot of you are like, wtf are you talking about? Different life? Well, i feel that the people from these two parts of my life are from such a different walk of life, it almost feels disjointed in a way. Of course this is just my feelings and many others might feel perfectly normal to attend a piano recital and then go to a sm show afterwards.

Thanks to Ley for purchasing the tix, i thoroughly enjoyed the nerd fest concert.


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3 responses to “Nerd concert

  1. ley

    i’m glad you enjoyed it! you know that in many instances throughout our relationship i attempt to intertwine your “other” life with your current walk. i feel that music is such a wonderful gift and you truly have that in you. i encourage you every now and then to play piano or ask you questions about music or mention your school, because i don’t believe that life is about having “phases” (or any disjointed feelings). life is a entire journey and every chapter of it contributes to who you are today… bikes and music may not be logically connected but you will be surprised how your previous chapter has influenced little things here and there in your current walk. :] x

  2. David Choi

    here I was expecting a post about pharrell. lol

  3. Clifton

    ^^ me too

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