So much things to talk about but i have forgotten

Let me try though and it might come back to me.

The extended extended long weekend was mostly spent sleeping in. I think i received a record number of hours totalled over the course of 5 days. This is of course thanks to the recent spell of rain we have being receiving. If the weather forecast is correct we will have had 3 weeks of non stop rain soon with no prolonged period of sunshine in sight.

The easter break has also made my body weird. I am not sure if it is the odd sleeping habits/lack of riding/weather but i have being feeling slightly on the border of sickness (basically knowing my body isn’t 100%). I am hoping that this weekend i will be allowed by the weather gods to go for a solid pedal or 2.

I think Friday night was spent at Andrea’s bday dinner which was fun. The restaurant itself was nothing special and the price charged was imo a little high but overall it was good to catch up. She put a lot of effort into the planning of the whole dinner and it really showed in the results.

Saturday was spent doing ….. i can ‘t remember.

Sunday hmmm blank there too.

Monday …….. ????

Tuesday. OK. We went to the Easter show and what a freaking rort. We got absolutely raped a new hole but for the most part it was pretty fun too. I guess when you are getting ripped the only thing you can do is smile and try to ignore your wallet? I have never seen $10 going down the drain as fast as that. I don’t know how the human dna pattern works but it seems to me that when you put females + parades + teddy bears together all reasons of logics are lost. We ended up winning a few toys here and there and now we don’t know what to do with em. Sigh…. But we had funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Of particular note was the dodgem cars. The guys that operate most of these stands are a little …. weird and this particular dodgem cars stand would have being good enough to test for the ncap ratings or something. The cars went so fast and the whole freaking session lasted way too long. The cars were fast enough to seriously throw you out of your car if you were not careful. I ended up being chucked left and right in the seats and found myself fairly amused generally speaking. Well, as amused as you can be when you feel like you are dying. I crap you not but the jolts were so much harder than anything i have experienced in mtbing *not exactly a smooth sport* that by the end of the session my body was battered. To my memory dodgem cars always never last long enough. Not this one. We went round and round and at some point i thought i heard the guy say 5 minutes left. He then proceeded to say 5 minutes left another 2 or 3 times. By the end i was hoping it would finish so i can gtfo. Still, it was massive fun. My mouth was like 😀 throughout the whole thing and i think if someone took photos of me i would have looked pretty silly.

Overall, i guess i am glad that i went? I can’t deny that i had a surprising amount of fun but i most likely would not go again for another couple of years if ever. Was so wacko walking through SOP and seeing how much it changed for the show whilst thinking about how we used to ride through it.


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