WW again? sigh

Reasonable ww. Not the spend $400 extra to save 30g type of ww mind you.

First up what looks like the standard cookie cutter carbon/titanium skewers going round atm. Copies of tune obviously and weighs a decent 43 or 47g or something not too important. Basically very light plus easy to remove without the need for a special hex which i always tend to forget. Bargain too compared to the tune. I have a pair on the bmc and it seems to work alright so i am willing to try it on the ht. The negative of this skewer is the lack of feel or as more techy ww’s would say the cam ratio. You don’t really feel the difference between very tight or not so tight so you need to muck around to find the right level.

Syntace duraflite bars. I am still a little weary of narrow handlebars so this should prove to be a good transition. Problem i have with a lot of flat bars are the lack of sweep at 4-5 degrees. The syntace has a riserish 8-9 degrees and it is slightly wider at 630mm. Once the barends go on *i am contemplating bar ends* it should prolly make the useable cockpit size around 600mm or so. I have tried narrow bars before and its crappy in some ways but better in other ways. My build and my physique definitely suit the narrow bars more. When i was trying them out on the xtc previously i found it super super comfy. I felt like it was just ergonomically right for me. When i was climbing i was able to drop my elbows and it just felt right. 680mm bars isn’t ergonomically right for me but they are my go to size though as i find them great to ride with and also provides me with greater leverage on the bike. There are pros and cons to each setup. Another pro to narrower bars is easier passing of people on the tracks. Not that light but i wanted the extra width and the sweep and imo cockpit choice is super important so i am  not willing to compromise.

Some esi racers edge “wont be white for long” grips to suit my hand size. So fragile though so it is good that truckersco sells em cheap at 18 aud a pop delivered. That is ok to swallow. Light=yes. Pain to put on=yes. Can’t really use lockons with barends though?

Seatpost is pretty interesting. The frame takes 34.9mm seatposts so its pretty darn rare to find a decent seatpost. Stock seatpost is like 280g or something so that’s gotta go. Carbon exoticas like axlightness and mcfk or mcfook as kev likes to call it is out of the question. That is definitely unreasonable wwisim. So kcnc came to the rescue. The clamps are fiddly and id only ever use it with an alloy railed saddle but that is ok. at 170 or so it shaves off a decent amount of weight whilst still staying very reasonably priced. Cheaper than Thomson actually. On top of it all kcnc seatposts ride pretty nice for a non carbon fiber seatpost and that is quite important on a hardtail. Must be the ultra paper thin scandium walls.

Stem is going to be the sunline xc-1 stem i have lying around. At 120g it is pretty much the lightest it can be without going stupid ww. I really really really really like the extralite stem based on the aesthetics alone but it violates my reasonable ww rule. The xc-1 stem seems like a cookie cutter stem derived from the rotor stems. Far and near is another brand of stem which looks exactly the same.

Saddle is a custom selle italia. It looks like a mix between the slr/flite shape. Again weight weenie saddles did appeal to me but i dont really wanna get ass jacked and plus i have to use an alloy railed saddle with the kcnc post anyways. Unless the saddle is like 300g or something i probably won’t be changing it. It looks something like this.

Drivetrain wise i have a few choices. X9 10spd, XTR 10spd or X0 9spd. I am leaning towards the X0 9spd though. It should be a little more tolerent to adjustment issues and the parts are cheaper to replace. One of the biggest advantages of the 10spd group is the 36t ring. I don’t think i will be needing it on this bike for most of the races though. In-fact i don’t think the 32t front ring on a 1×9 setup is going to cut it, maybe 34-36t is in order. I don’t baby the drivetrain when i try to ride hard so it’s nice to be able to just stand up and shift and not cringe. I have to be honest though, i did perve on the sram xg-999 cassette.

Front is my old and trusty xtr crankset along with an e13 XCX seat-tube mount guide. Only trouble is finding the right ring to use. Considering 32-36t. Only trouble i see is when i do races like dirtworks or firetrail races and id want more range. I might just chuck the triple setup back on for those events. Only Jarod’s legs is mighty enough for 100km of dirt on a 1x setup.

Brakes is going to be the elixir mag’s running standard g3 rotors or if i am experimental, some aishima rotors. Will see.

Forks is the standard reba rl tapered with remote lockout for now. Apparently reba is more plush than sids. Don’t know about that but i am looking forward to using the remote lockout more. I wan’t to stand up more on climbs and i hark back to the period of ss on the rigid wanga. Felt so good to just stand up and stomp the pedals. Not super light though.

Wheelset is going to  be my ztr alpines. BEST WHEELSET EVER. Always useful. Tyre choices is quite confusing. I am tossing up 3 tyres prominently. Rocket ron’s, racing ralphs or race kings. All of them are mighty fast and mighty light. I will have the standard wheelset mounted with commuting tyres or maybe heavier training tyres as i will be commuting on the ht as well. My commutes are ultra short so a mtb should be fine. Surly’s gone to Timmy who now finally has a roadie bike to join us on our rides.

Weight of it all is stupendously light. Reckon i will be trying to add weight if anything.


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