smaller details

Smaller details for sure but still important details.

The standard clamp is like 40-50g or something stupid so a 10g clamp was enlisted. Need to use carbon assembly compound with this so it bites properly. Pretty cheap.

BB92 press-fit means no bb mounted guides. XCX-ST guide saves the day. I don’t think it is worth double the price of the 1.x guide but at least it will be easier to fix chainsucks if it does happen.

Bar ends on handlebars are best with reinforced bar end plugs to support the clamping pressures.

Lastly, i spent a good deal of the time trying to figure out what race tyres to go for. There was 4 tyres in particular that stood out to me. Race king 2.2, X-king 2.2, Racing Ralph 2.25/2.1, Rocket ron 2.25/2.1. After a lot of researching i decided to stick with 2x race king 2.2’s front and back. Should be plenty fast. I wanted to give the Racing Ralph’s a good go again but the influx of tyres blowing off ztr rims has me a little worried. Maybe next time. I am hoping race sport will be a little tougher and since the race bike wont see a lot of sharp rock action it might last a little better too.


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  1. Alex

    Scale preminium?

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