Kurnell morning ride

Beautiful weather like this morning is a rarity these few weeks so i did not hesitate at all to grab my bike and go for a spin. Wanted to get some flat work done so i choose Kurnell TT as the destination.

The night before Tim told me to aim for 9 minutes. To be honest, i doubted i could. The previous 10:32 or something was like absolute death. So 9 minutes left my thoughts and a few seconds were more realistic targets. The day was pretty windy as i found out as soon as i rolled out of my home but it was absolutely stunning. All those raining days were soon forgiven and i was glad to be riding.

I had a feeling that i was letting myself go a little too early *stop giggling* with my previous attempts so today’s aim of the game was to start slow and finish fast. I guess the easiest way to explain that is pouring water out of your cup slowly and in a calculated fashion instead of dumping it into the sink in one go.

I started slow and held my speed at around 38-39km/h. I felt like i was holding back and i stuck by this feeling even though i wanted to hammer it. On the dh sections i didn’t hammer it and lightly let the gradient keep my average up whilst i tried to prevent the lactate acid from overwhelming my legs. On the dips i purposely slowed down and was fine with it. Once i passed the dips i knew the sections coming up were pretty much completely flat and taking an estimate from signs on the road i applied a little more effort as i neared the finish. I finished the run feeling completely different to my previous two runs. I knew on my garmin split that i was faster than my previous PB but i wasn’t sure how much faster it was. The one thing that was more important to me was how i was feeling at the end of that section. It was a complete contrast to the “i am about to die” kinda feeling. If anything i felt like i didn’t time my efforts near the end and that i still had some to give.

I won’t say it was easy but i was far from the way i felt on the previous two runs. One thing which confirms this is how much faster the whole run felt. I don’t mean a time wise thing but more just the perception of how slowly time has past. On my previous two runs the last sections dragged on for agessssssssssssssss whilst today it came so much quicker.

Checking strava at home i was pretty damn surprised with a 9:59. That is an improvement of around 30+ seconds with less perceived effort? Win….. Very happy with the way it went and it just further emphasises to me that roadie riding is strategic even by yourself. You can’t just open the taps and be done with it. We only have so much energy contained within us and you have to make the most of it at every little section. I am actually interested to see how much better it could be on a more still day.

PS :: Kurnell is pretty interesting in it’s own way. 10 minutes of 180bpm average isn’t really super super hard. I have obviously completed races at 180bpm average for 1hr so the heart rate isn’t an issue. The issue is the fact that you are always pedalling and that there is no chance for your legs to flush out the lactate acid. Once the lactate is in your legs it will stick with you for the whole run unlike say a mtb race where you stop pedalling for periods of time or for felix’s loop where you stop pedalling too.

PPS :: Wore rapha classic jersey with the arm warmers today and it was pretty good. I think the biggest difference with the wool is that its a little softer and it doesn’t tend to crease when you are bending over the bike liek some of the more artifical materials. The arm warmers are the best though as they are quite warm and they are the right fit for my arm. The assos ones i have keep on slipping down on my left arm (need bigger muscles on my left arm lol).

PPPS :: Loving the BMC. The fit is pretty dialled in now and its pretty comfy which also enhances my cornering on the bike. Honestly lucky to ride a high-end bike like this. I think the overall feeling i get with this bike is how well rounded it is. That and the smoothness of the ride quality. It just feels soooo smoothhhhhhhhh, kinda like it’s floating?. Worst review ever i know.


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4 responses to “Kurnell morning ride

  1. monkeypushovertree

    I said “Aim to break into 9mins”, which you did, which is awesome.
    On the downhill section, did you change gears or keep it the same? If you can keep the same cadence with apparent feeling up but in a bigger gear, you’ll make up and clear our the legs. Still, awesome effort!

  2. Yup i did change gears but instead of smashing it down the hills i just kept the effort low.

    I was going to tweet you “9 minutes, yeah right” yesterday night lol

  3. monkeypushovertree

    9.30 is the next target 😛

  4. gonna take a lot of work. i reckon i can squeeze out a 9:50ish maybe.

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