How it happened

It was a pretty darn cool morning on this particular day. I remember putting on the arm warmers and leg warmers that in a few hrs the rescue crews would cut from my limping body. I’d come up with a slightly sore throat too but decided to brave the ride as it wasn’t meant to be a hard ride. Eating breakfast I had a very fleeting thought for no apparent reason that this was my last meal (I kid u not, not in a kidding mood ATM as u might be able to tell). Of course the thought was a fleeting one of the most minuscule importance so it was relegated to be forgotten as soon as it entered my head. Let me tell u now that if I ever experience this ‘sixth sense’ kinda thing again, I intend to take it 110% seriously.

I met up with Felix and Trieu at loftus oval carpark and together we bitched and moaned about how cold it was before starting the roll down into audley. The pace was mellow and none of us were gunning it. We chose instead to enjoy the scenery and revel in all the right reasons as to why we do this, why we ride.

We had fun laughing at our poseurish Rapha gear and nodded heads with oncoming roadies in ackownledgement and before the climb out to waterfall it all went downhills in more than one way. The last descent is ultra smooth so it makes for some good fast descending. Picking up speed is effortless and carving the gradual gradient corners are a joy as it isn’t too challenging. The section starts with a descent followed by a short short inclination before dropping u down into the valley that is the waterfall junction.

The way I ride on the road is like this. When I climb I let cars cautiously pass me and when I ride downhills at 50km/hr I hold my lane. You need to be considerate with traffic as well as holding ur own rights to safe guard yourself. The tricky thing is the descent in question has some fast ups and downs and knowing I had traffic behind me I wanted to check for their approximate position. I dropped into the descent fine holding my own lane and then coming up hills a little I noticed a bit of gap before the next dh section. At this moment I motioned to look back and check for traffic. The thought was the only part that was successful.

My brain told me to look back so the next obvious thing to do is to let go of my right hand and look back. I got as far as lifting my right hand off the handlebar when a sudden jolt came through my bike. The effect along with maybe me motioning to turn back basically steered the bike suddenly to the left violently. I’d missed spotting a bump on the road and along with bad timing meant I had absolutely no chance at trying to recover. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how u want to interpret it there was a metal barrier right to the left of my lane. Steering the bike violently to the left meant that I pretty much rode into it at full speed. What happened afterwards was much more of a blur. I remember screaming a lot (I don’t usually scream at all unless it’s spiders). The kind of screams that was like a plea much more than anything else. I remembered a part of my mind bemused thinking why am I screaming so much? Only to realise the screams were coming out of me with no conscious decision. I was screaming for my life.

The damage report says I must have subconsciously blocked most of the impact with both my forarms (I shiver in the thought of what would have broken if my arms didn’t protect me) and then I landed on top of the barrier with my tummy and slid on it until gravity showed me some mercy. When I stopped I remembered forcing myself to breath deeply and saw that my right arm from the elbow to the wrist was In a s shape. I knew that this wouldn’t be the type of accident u would get up from and have a shaky laugh before pedaling onwards. I knew I was fucked. I didn’t even bother trying to standup and just lied down feeling the most surreal feeling come over me.

I’m tired and typing on iPad sucks so I will continue when I have some more energy….


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5 responses to “How it happened

  1. Hope you’re OK man…doesn’t sound very pleasant at all. And in light of the Giro on Tuesday…hmm.

  2. It sends a shiver down my spine reading that Jing. Good that you’re getting it all down on paper though. I’ve got no doubt you’ve thought it through a great deal, but taking the time to write (more time needed on an iPad) it down can only help you deal with what’s gone on.

    Rest up mate!

  3. monkeypushovertree

    Thanks for sharing this, I’m feeling that I’m with you 100% of the way.
    Rest up and write on when you can.
    We should all catch up when you’ve healed a little.

  4. Alex

    Man that makes me sick to the stomach, and that’s from someone who crashes more than most. Hope those bones heal up nice and good, I hope the best in your recovery and urge you not to be pressured into anything nor listen to anyone but your body during the recovery and rebuilding process. All the best mate.

  5. Nam

    Fucking hectic son! Funny how one small moment can turn things upside down. At least you’re cool now, rest up, take it easy man.

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