Morphine and surgery

Immediately after I stopped sliding on the barrier I heard faint voices coming from far away, and then closer. In some ways I was glad that there was traffic behind me. I knew help would be quick and swift (as swift as possible when ur in the middle of a national park at least). I received help lying down and then had some rags/blankets cover me which was super nice as I was getting uncontrollably cold. The guys/girls (I hardly remember their faces) assured me help was coming and to hang in there. For a few minutes they were my angels.

One of the older guys there managed to eek out the names of Felix and Trieu from me and soon drove down to pick them up. After a little while Trieu (or was it Felix??? Damn u matching Rapha whores) came into my view looking pretty sad. He asked me to do one thing. “Jing, can u wriggle ur toes?) I didn’t quite understand the implication to that question until well later on into the day but I wriggled my toes all the same.

The ambulance arrived soon after that along with the morphine shots and before I knew it I was at the ermegency department on a morphine high. The dr’s poked me here and there and after some pretty embarrassing tests I was given the ok for some pre-lim scans. They told me the arms are broken for sure but they wanted to check over the rest of my body. A couple of hours later a dr walked through and told me that my hip was also fractured and they are trying to figure out why I had some air in my rear hip muscles.

Surgery was scheduled for the mornings and luckily for me it held true. I was wheeled off around 9:25am for surgery for what was apparently a 2-3hr procedure that turned out to take until 7pm to finish. Luckily I would be spared of all the scary details that the dr had prepped for ley. Apparently the biggest cause of gases near ur rear hip that isn’t natural is from torn bowels. Had my bowels sustained injury enough to tear them, they would enter full stomach operation straightaway and patch up the hole and prolly give me a poo bag to hold onto for the next 3 months. Because of this severity the dr’s took no chances and cut my stomach in 3 places and sent cameras in to check everything out. Justin was there the next day as the dr finally worked out why I had leakeded gases and where it came from. Apparently at the point of impact I was holding my breath and because the hit was so hard, it forced the gas to exit through the back internal side of my Lungs. A place which obviously has no exits intended by god for passage of air.

All of these information mattered nothing to me though as the only question I had in mind was how I was going to look after my fiancée in a position like this. The short answer was I couldn’t and later on during the night I had a little cry about that. To me one of the most basic tasks for a man is to look after their partners and I realised I was in no position to look after anyone in a state like this.

To be continued …. Tired again

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2 responses to “Morphine and surgery

  1. Nam

    Dont sweat it brother. She sounds very understanding from your posts. Money you can earn back again, health is more important. Take care!

  2. Trieu

    Dude, it was me that asked you that question… Felix was still riding up to where you had crashed. Thank god you could move your feet my friend.

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