BMC status

Came out way better than me would be the summary here.

Damages are

  • Derailleur hanger which sheared off clean – new one on it’s way
  • Hood grips are knackered, luckily no damage/scratches to lever itself – trying to find replacements. Its so cheap @ $10 but so rare to find because of di2 specific hoods. Found thanks to eddie.
  • Bartape is knackered – easy replacement. 3T team instead of 3T pro this time.
  • Saddle is cutup – easy replacement + some resin/glue to patch up old one to use as spare. Going to give SLR kit carbonio a go.
  • 10 cent piece size scrape near derailleur hanger as the only visible frame scratch
  • Bead on rear tyre seems a little popped out potentially from too much sideways force. Will re-pump tyres and see if it makes any difference. Might change tyres just in case. New tyres purchased
  • Wheels are straight and not even a flat

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