Next time you guys are getting off the bed, try this. Try getting up without your arms to start with. Secondly try and not use any stomach muscles at all. Thirdly and finally, imagine your whole upper body was battered with bruises. This was the first week for me in a nutshell. It was the single most annoying aspect about this whole experience apart from the catheter which i will not go into as it will bring pain to perfectly healthy males simply by reading it.

I was standing up and walking as soon as the dr’s cleared my hips as stable enough to stand on. The first few steps were met with incredible pain and a feeling that i was going to pass out. The first toilet trip resulted in nothing and i had to resort to sitting down to pee as the only way to relieve myself. I was plenty motivated though as the dr’s had told me that if i was still not able to pass urine within a short amount of time the catheter will make another visit. I remember the physio making me walk up a set of stairs to see if i was fit to be discharged. I remember hurting like nothing else but holding out on the pain so she would not be able to see it. I wonder if she guessed it?

I was discharged on Tuesday night and from that day onwards i was under the 24hr care of my parents. Being an only child, my parents know how to spoil me when i am perfectly healthy let alone half broken. For the rest of the week i was brought fresh platters of fruit and my face was wiped every so often and meals were cooked with an emphasis on nutrients and generally all possible methods were taken to ensure i recover as quickly as possible. I know i have some of the best parents in the world and i know that i am lucky. Ley also sacrificed unmeasurable amounts of time/effort and generally proved to be an excellent nurse (although i am sure she’s glad i managed to wipe my own poo).

Little by little i could stand up and sit up for longer and little by little i was eating to my full appetite once again. I am feeling less and less pain from my hips that i can lie on my sides now and my stomach is no longer as swelled and the three individual incisions on my tummy doesn’t feel like anything. I do believe that i generally recover pretty quickly. I know this to be the case from my constant falls and run-ins with cold/flus but even I am amazed at the progress that i am showing. Right now, as i type this, i feel all but normal.

Throughout all this i was peppered with visit’s from friends and well wishes and i want to thank all my friends for really coming through. A simple sms is all it takes when a guy is down in the gutter and it really did hold me together a little more. It made me realise that there are good friends out there that do care about you genuinely.

How am i holding it up mentally? Well, my brain has made peace. So to speak. I have realised that there is nothing i could do to avoid the crash in any possible way. It was an act of insanely bad luck and that is it. I can’t do anything about it and thinking about it non-stop will not help so i will not waste any more time there. How will i get over it mentally in terms of a riding perspective? Well, how can i not? If i can’t then i wont be able to ride in a straight line and coast any more. You get the idea. Still i have taken to heart some of the points that came out of this accident. Listen to my sixth sense, minimise risks at all possible moments and pay absolutely 100% attention to what i am doing if i can help it. Sure, this will not stop bad luck but it is the best i can do after some late night talks with Ley and i will do everything possible to stop something like this from ever happening again.


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3 responses to “Recovery

  1. Brad

    Good to hear your recovering quickly mate.

    Was shocked to read the post Justin put up about your accident but am glad to hear your recovery is going well.

    Look forward to seeing you back out on the trails soon :o)


  2. Vivien

    Hey man,
    I’m really sorry to learn what happened. We don’t know each other, but as a fellow cyclist, I feel for you.

    I wish you a good and healthy recovery !

    Vivien, from France 😉 (found your blog some weeks ago looking for Omnium reviews…)

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