What am i good at?

Everyone is born with a set of skills. At 28 years of age i am only beginning to figure out what i am particularly good at. When i need to use these skill sets, it always feels effortless. Kinda like cheating in a way. Looking at it my work does not utilise any of these “advantages” i possess and i sometimes wonder if my skills can be better used?

What about you guys? How many of you can say that your job/work fully utilises your skill sets? How many of us ever get to use our skill sets to make a living? I know some are and some are trying to but i am absolutely sure that many talents lie mostly dormant for their entire life.


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3 responses to “What am i good at?

  1. Marco

    I always consider the most fortunate people in the world to be those that love their job(use their fav skill set) and earn an amount by which they can live in financial comfort.

    Vision, support, entrepreneurship, confidence are key words that come to mind

    Ultimately dependent on if there is a market for your skill set and how passionate you are about you skill set.

    Unfortunately I am not one of these fortunate people, generally my skill set transpires through my hobbies that don’t make me money, quite the opposite haha..

  2. ley

    good question… i do believe i a) enjoy my job; b) utilise some of the skills i possess; c) possess other skills that cannot or may not be incorporated into my current job. with c) of what i am left with, i use in my personal life. i do look up to and aspire to those who are brave enough to pursue a job that allows them to maximise as many skills as possible whilst loving what they do — in short, living their dream (so to speak). sadly i am not at that stage of my life yet and i am not brave enough to take the leap. when the time comes and i have the courage, i will live my dream. but in the meantime, i will still utilise my “other” skill set(s) in my personal life, just not in my professional life. and wonderfully, (so far), it has been a good balance. i believe that as long as you are happy with what you do, the rest is really just within reach — it’s just a matter of whether you choose to embrace it at the current moment or not. timing and wisdom are also important things to consider as there is a time and place for everything. :]

  3. Im almost their, just need to take the big giant leap hahah.

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