GPS data of my crash

Today, i finally collected my personal belongings off Kevin who received them from Trieu. Amongst those possessions were my G-shock watch, Oakley radars and my Garmin 500. I did a quick test to make sure the garmin 500 was still working properly and then proceeded to upload the garmin data of my ill fated ride.

Basically from the data i can see that i crashed at around 55km/h. Not any speed to crash into a metal barrier and come to a complete halt that is for sure. Further reminder to take care on the road!

What isn’t displayed on strava is the max HR. I checked the garmin device and it showed something around 220bpm. I first thought that it was a jersey/static issue but checking strava i dont see any sign of that (usually happens towards start of ride) so i am thinking that maybe it shot up that high for a short amount of time or something. No real idea there.


Eye candy

Watched sucker punch the other day. Filled with every cliche in the book it was a little bit disappointing for the brain but easy on the eyes. Strongly influenced by anime.

On the trainer


I was specifically trying to feel how far i have fallen since prior to the accident. My legs can’t hold lactic as well and i have that out of breath feeling but overall i was amazed with how easily the motion of cycling came back to my legs. Towards the end of the night it was feeling retardly hard to pedal. It got to the point where it was so hard that adjusting the settings from 1-10 on the trainer resistance did nothing at all. Then i smelt something funny and knew something was wrong. A quick check of the rear wheel told me that the brake pads was grabbing the rotor completely. I have taken the caliper off and i will see how i feel on the trainer next time without the interference of the stupid elixir brakes.

Timmy has my bleed kit so i will get that off him and rebleed the annoying elixir brakes. So temperamental and so crappy although the elixir cr mag is by far the worst of the bunch. Wonder why ….

PS :: I like the bar ends a lot on out of the saddle efforts. Feels so much better! How much i will use it on actual trails is another story altogether.

Fast bikes

Stripped the motion control remote assembly off completely and this is what i got. Not using it so might as well.

Annoying to do up the upper bolt on the caliper with the bolt positioned like this. I don’t even want to think about trying to shove a torque wrench into that tight space.

BMC is 100% done. Wrapped bartape and whilst i am getting better at it i still find it annoying. Actually the only thing missing is to inject sealant into the tyres.

Two fast bikes that’s for sure.

BMC with C35 Dura-ace

The C24 Dura-ace tubulars had great reviews and were surprisingly aero through wind tunnel tests for its low profile so the C35 can only be better. It beat out many 46mm profile wheelsets such as lightweight so im expecting good things. I think its partially to do with the bladed spokes and the lesser amount of spokes compared to some wheelsets.

Running SLR saddle instead of flite now as i wanted to have a narrower saddle as the flite rubbed on my thighs a little. Plus point is seatpost was raised 1cm as the saddle is 1cm overall shorter.

Is this a clean glue job? It was meant to be much cleaner but halfway through the installation i kinda just said eff it.

Tubs done

Finally done. The last part was a struggle but ive done it. There is a bit of a wobble on the tyres but from my research that is pretty normal. As long as i can’t feel anything when im riding it should be alright. If you are super anal, tubs are probably not for you. Seating it 100% straight is pretty hard. Let’s see if it’s all worth the trouble or not.