How i am healing

This is just near my elbow joint. The incision they made to insert the plates is now fully healed. The scar isn’t as “scary” as i thought it would be so that is a positive i suppose.

My left arm feels pretty normal and my right arm is regaining range of motions pretty quickly. Strength is going up for the right arm but there is still a numbness underneath the thumb which will clear up over time.

My shoulders are still sore but that is quickly clearing up. The biggest source of pain is from the cast as the dr plastered it in a retarded manner. Think of my right hand as constantly flopped over in that gay position. LOL

Overall its good though and i can manoeuvre myself in bed easily now.


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4 responses to “How i am healing

  1. Tis good to hear you’re recovery is going well Jing. Really really good in fact!

    (with any luck you’ll be all repaired in time for Spring rides :D)

  2. It sounds as though you’re going to do it yourself with a hacksaw and hammer!!

    • thank god it’s a half cast and taking it off is as easy as unwrapping the bandages. I saw the electric saw at my specialists office and it did not entice me.

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