Sometime this lifetime

I would like to own one of these cars.

1. GT3 RS – Always loved the purity of this car. Makes no concessions about what it’s purpose is.

2. E92 M3 – Not really a super car but i love it all the same. I’ve never liked cars based on their overall price or “exclusivity”.

3. GTR 35 – It has it’s flaws but where it excels, it really excels. Great presence and more than enough performance to satisfy almost all humans this side of f1 drivers.

Funnily enough i never really wanted a ferrari or lambo. I mean, if you gave me one, i certainly wouldn’t say no but if i had to spend my hard earned cash, i would consider a porsche first. I like how the porsche is more low key and like i said exclusivity is not an issue. Still i found a pic of the new fezza in white and i just have to post it here.

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3 responses to “Sometime this lifetime

  1. Brad

    Nice line up mate :o)

    I have to say though, you really need to take a ride in a Lambo to appreciate them for what they really are. They really are something else let me tell you!!

  2. A dream car list with not a single Lotus? Your inner weight weenie would be ashamed!! 😉

    • Lotus is nice but not really on my mind.

      I am a weight weenie with my cars too i realised but it really ain’t super important. Drop a bit of money and you can increase the power to weight ratio of a car easily. I can’t really drop a bit of money and buy fabian cancelleras legs and implant them on myself :p

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