GPS Tracking

I found this programme that might come in useful for future rides. I have gone out on night rides previously and have “lost track” of time only to arrive home quite a bit later than the estimated time. In order to keep ley in the loop i went about trying to find a real time gps tracking programme on the iphone which will facilitate her to see exactly where abouts i am. I tried it this morning and it seems to work pretty good!

What happens is you download a free app from the appstore and when you want to track your position you run the app. Simple. The second user (ie your partner) can then log onto the website with your login and see exactly where you are and where you are heading in real time. No more surprises on coming home late and she can put her worries to ease with a simple login.

I know some of you are thinking it, what happens if you don’t want her to know where you are? No worries. The gps programme only tracks when you turn the app on. Don’t want anyone to track you? Don’t run the programme! For those of you that might be interested check out their website at


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