Scott scale 35

Started life as a scale 35 frame. Scott is good in that all their carbon frames in their range utilise the same technologies. For the scale frames there are two scale frames available for 2011. The RC and the Premium. The scale 35 frame is the Premium frame which differs with the RC in two ways. It doesn’t have an integrated seatpost clamp and it runs bb92 instead of bb30. None of which really interests me. I have a seatpost clamp coming from smud carbon which is around 10g and i don’t have bb30 cranks anyways. Everything else is exactly the same and both frames weight under 900g without headset cups/hangers/clamps. Impressive.

The only thing that will change is the tyres. I am going to be running two racesport racekings instead of x-kings. Without a doubt the lightest mtb i will ride thats pretty sure. Should end up under 8.5kgs.

A few further changes that will happen when it happens

bike = 8580
pedals = 320
cut steerer & misc = -20
minus motion control = -60
seat clamp smud = -40
esi racers edge = 50
edge bar ends = 45

kcnc rotor = -50
sid = -200
cut seatpost = -20
x999 = -120
headset = -50


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