Ultegra DI2

Ultegra DI2 pics have just surfaced on the interweb. Looks good and at half the price of the original DI2 it will be welcomed by many i am pretty sure. One question that i am asking is how the Ultegra variant differs with the Dura-ace variant. Since it is electronic shifting the feel of the shift should be similar to the original DI2 which leads me to think that weight is the only marketable difference between the two. People that pick DI2 understand that they are compromising on weight for the best shifting in the industry but unnecessary weight is still an unattractive affair. With the original DI2 group at around 500g heavier than other industry rival groupsets, Ultegra will have to keep it close to not be considered too lardy. Something around 300g extra would be brilliant for half the price don’t you think?



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