BMC with C35 Dura-ace

The C24 Dura-ace tubulars had great reviews and were surprisingly aero through wind tunnel tests for its low profile so the C35 can only be better. It beat out many 46mm profile wheelsets such as lightweight so im expecting good things. I think its partially to do with the bladed spokes and the lesser amount of spokes compared to some wheelsets.

Running SLR saddle instead of flite now as i wanted to have a narrower saddle as the flite rubbed on my thighs a little. Plus point is seatpost was raised 1cm as the saddle is 1cm overall shorter.

Is this a clean glue job? It was meant to be much cleaner but halfway through the installation i kinda just said eff it.


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4 responses to “BMC with C35 Dura-ace

  1. Mathieu Vo-Quang

    Like your blog, and photography.
    I was wondering about your thoughts on the C35s. I’m thinking on getting a pair and am trying to find good user reviews on them. I like climbing rides and would need a light feeling wheelset, but also a med-deep section rim for the flats.


    • Hi buddy

      Thanks for your kind words. To be honest i only got a handful amount of rides in with the C35. All of those rides were right after i broke both of my arms so interms of strength/comfort i have a little doubt about my judgements. The C35 rode hmmmmm, to me very shimano. It does it’s business great and everything is decent but nothing strikes me as WOW. Infact i was a little confused by why the c35 tubulars rode so harsh. With veloflex carbon tyres (some of the smoothest riding in the world apparently?) and 90psi it felt just like my clinchers. Infact, it tended to roll over uneven tarmac worse vs my clincher setup at the time which was reynolds + conti attack/force tyres.

      I think if you are looking for a workhorse the c35 or really any shimano wheelset wont go too wrong, but to me, they didn’t really warrant the extra troubles of tubular tyre setup.


      • Matt

        Thanks for your thoughts! I was considering the C35s, or even the C24s, because of the tried and true Shimano quality and finish. Apparently the carbon layup is very nice and precise. I also like the hubs, especially the rear as its smooth and silent.
        But, I actually couldn’t refuse a deal I got on some Reynolds Assaults, so the Dura Ace will be for some other time.


      • Reynold assaults are awesome too! Even better in tubular i am sure just based on the weight loss alone.


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