Bike night

Back at Justin’s place and bigger than ever. I have never struggled to find space in Justin’s place like yesterday night. Plenty of people turned up and pizza and refreshments was enjoyed by all!

I shortened my front brake hose + bled my brakes (again)
Justin stripped his reign
Clifton realised his forks is dead (again)
Timmy stripped his yeti apart and tried to fix the cantilever brakes on the surly
Matt mead cleaned his whole drivetrain in prep for tomorrow (3 ring)
Kev did his bar tape very slowly
Alex got Jarod to do his bar tape
Norman helped me with the brake bleed
Jarod shot everyone using his nerf gun
Alex shot everyone using Jarod’s nerf gun
Felix got Clifton to help him re-align his mrp guide

Once everyone was happy with the state of their bikes we upheld tradition by riding down to the beach and then visiting the skate park where Alex and Norman stacked it. Awesome. On the way back, there was a impromptu race which always seems to happen since Justin lives on top of a mountain or something. Was good seeing everyone again and definitely good seeing everyone have fun. Big thanks to Justin for hosting once again. Space was awesome and food was even more awesome.


Crappy boyfriend

Following on from rent-a-mate, how about



Germany -> Aus

Slowest. shipping. service. evaaaaaa.


If you are looking for a new car, you might want to check out the website 123cars is a group buy service that is catered to new car buyers looking for the maximum discount with minimal fuss. Since it’s run by a bunch of asian’s you can be damn sure that they will do all the heckling for you to acquire the best deals so all you have to do is enjoy driving your new car. Want to learn more? Simply watch the vid. No lame asian jokes included.

Some stuff to list up for sale

Revelation team tapered 20mm fork = $500
Fox float R = $200
X0 1x9 setup + xt cassette + chain + shifter = $200
X9 1x10 setup = $200
Hope Pro 2 xr400 wheelset = $300
M970 XTR crankset + BB= $200 
M970 XTR pedals = $75
2011 Reba RL Tapered fork = $250
+misc stuff

New Mondraker podium carbon

Love the styling of this bike. Performance benefits aside *it will most likely be more of a pain than anything else* the flowing top tube to the stem is awesome in my eyes. Headset comes with a limiter to stop the handlebars from slamming into your top tube in the event of an accident.

Remember that vid?

Of the off camber dh corner with spectators lined up on both sides and nearly everyone fell? Well here is the pro xc world cup equivalent.

Ridiculous hahaha. Nino has skills.

Cadel Evans

Champion of TDF. Champion of the world. Champion of Australian cycling.

The stage 20 TT was a nerve racking affair for myself. I was at a friends place when it was on and all i could think about was how he would approach the race. How? Like all the other stages we have seen previous to stage 20. With determination, conviction and subtle confidence. By the 15km check point i was 90% sure that his got it in the bag. The guys were on my phone chatting on whatsapp and the overall atmosphere was awesome. Congratulations to Cadel and to the whole of BMC racing team. 2 years and a victory. Stunning result.

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Maillot Jaune SLR01

Prius bike

This bike looks fairly normal with one twist. Mind control shifting. I didn’t think this was possible until reading this article. How useful is mind controlled shifting? Who cares. The concept is too cool for “function nazi’s” to ruin the fun.

First, that “innovative technology” part — the bike helmet, designed by Deeplocal, incorporates (wait for it) abuilt-in EEG array that lets you shift gears just by thinking about it. After a ten-minute “training” session that tells the system how to distinguish “shift up” from “shift down” (or “I want a sandwich”), the helmet will reliably send the appropriate signal to the PXP’s electric derailleur. “When you see the bike shift for the first time, it’s kind of like magic,” Matthew Pegula, Deeplocal Lead Engineer, tells Co.Design. “It’s also interesting because we were able to build all of this with off-the-shelf components and some custom software to glue everything together. That means that we’re not too far off from this being commercially viable.” (Don’t worry, you can still shift gears on the PXP the old-fashioned way, too.)