Cervelo S5



Our machines of choice now days are all pretty damn decent. Still, the industry has to sell bikes so incremental improvements are brought in to not only improve the performance of the bike, but to also sell them ultimately. I can see the cervelo s5 getting used on flat stages and it has it’s place for guys that like to say time trial but do not want a dedicated time trial bike and sperm helmets. It might also be a godsend for Triathlon cyclists that also like to ride road on the side. Whatever it is, it is clear that Cervelo has a very good marketing department. The vid is one sided but it isn’t untruthful. Problem is a lot of consumers out there are getting more and more knowledgeable and they can see the video for what it is. Great marketing.

My only issues with the bike is completely personal (aesthetics) but i think the idea is alright. I am all for small incremental upgrades in performance.


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