Another two rides

Still feeling very weak but noticeably better each ride. After 4 days of absence, i felt lazy and decided to do something about it. Organised a night ride around SOP with Nelson and started at around 8pm. It was 4-5 degrees and bloody freezing but apart from my foot feeling completely numb i was alright (make note to buy thermal socks). We did three laps with the first being a familiarising lap and the second being a hot lap and the third being a cool down lap.

As soon as i started pushing on the second lap i wanted to give up lol. I persevered however and finished the lap. Towards the end i didn’t actually push to the extreme as i realised that i was pushing enough already and no lap times will be threatened this lap any ways. Still, strava tells me that i have slowed approx 4 minutes from that loop (ok there was a couple of cars that got in the way and a red light) but still it is a good indication of my form.

On Sunday i joined up with the guys for a loop around Waterfall. Holy crap the wind was insane. Even though we did 55km or so it felt more like 70kms. Given my lightweight and deeper profile rims i was properly scared when i got to Stanwell tops. I picked up my bike at one point and the bike just blew 45degrees away from me. The ride had a fair amount of short climbing and sticking with Jarod through the climbs out of Royal put me in plenty of pain, but i know that the more i suffer now the faster i will come back to form and that is motivation enough. So with that in mind, all through the ride i was looking to push myself as much as possible and make it a decent effort.

Still a couple of little niggles to sort out with the BMC and the issue of going down a steep hill with glued on tyres is warming up to me. I guess soon enough i will get used to it and start trusting it more.


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