Getting ready to mtb again

Exciting for sure. Spent yesterday night setting up my new tubeless tyres before watching the TDF. Definitely a certain art to getting ghetto tubeless setup and something that takes some skills. I have decided to stick with race kings after much oohing and aahing over whether to try racing ralphs or even a rocket ron racing ralph combo but i decided to stick with what i am used to. I am sure the RaRa’s and RoRa combo will work awesome if not better but i am happy with the race kings.

After a lot of hours spent at the local servo compressor and a lot of white sealant jokes i think i have finally worked out the best way of mounting my tyres on my wheel setup.

Keep in mind that this method only really works with certain rim and tyre combos so it might not be effective for you. Rims of choice are ZTR’s and they have what they call the bead socket tech which makes things a lot easier. Anyone with ZTR rims would have noticed when pumping up their tyres of an almighty bang which signifies the tyre bead locking into the rim. The idea is to lock in one side of the bead which significantly increases the volume of air which goes through the tyre on that final seal attempt. This is what i do.

1. Mount tyre on with a normal tube
2. Pump it up until i hear that the tyre bead has popped on (you will hear it for sure)
3. Let the air out of the tube
4. You will notice that both side of the tyre is locked into the rim and you need a little force to pop the bead back off. If you do not feel this then the bead most likely has not locked on and that signifies that it either doesn’t work with your rim of choice or you simply didn’t pump it up hard enough to lock it in.
5. Very carefully push one side of the tyre bead off the rim leaving care to let the other side of the tyre bead stay on.
6. Remove tube and add sealant amount of your choice.
7. Once sealant is in take care to seat the other side of the tyre in prep for final seal.
8. Depending on what you choose to do from this point it is all just personal choice. I personally don’t have a high volume floor pump so i use a C02 canister. You should have one side of the tyre bead locked into the rim firmly whilst the other side is “unlocked”. Give it a shot of your C02 canister and it should pop on and you will hear another bang signifying the locking on of the beads.
9. From here you can take your time trying to seal the holes as it wont really matter even if all air is expelled as the bead of the tyres should be locked into place.

Again depending on the combo of tyre/rim choices you can even mount tyres without going through all that trouble. People have found that a c02 canister is enough to just seat a tyre on without having one side of the bead locked in. Having one side locked in already greatly increases the chance of seating often troublesome high volume tyres. From what i have found this method does not work with dt swiss rims as the tyres do not lock into a bead of any sort and it might only work for ztr wheelsets so keep that in mind. My friends will tell you that i only hate a few things with bike building and sealing tubeless tyres are one of those things. With this method though i no longer have any issues. Quick. Clean. Easy.


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