I suck

at riding now. Still sad over my lack of power/speed/endurance.

The fit on the bike still ain’t right. I am getting a nasty left hip pain from time to time and generally speaking after changing shoes/cleats/saddle i am in the process of finding that “golden” position again. I will find it sooner or later.

Rode to Kurnell this morning and didn’t know whether to push it or not on the TT sections. I guess i pushed it a bit and then backed off and then pushed again and repeat. I can put the power down but i just cannot hold it. My legs cannot hold the lactate. Damn you legs!

Anyways, hopefully i get my positioning sorted soon and i go for more rides and then happy times.


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One response to “I suck

  1. Brad

    Your not Superman mate.

    You had a major accident and your not going to recover over night. I reckon your very lucky to be back on a bike already. I would be giving yourself 6 months before you start getting back into it all properly

    I think your being a bit hard on yourself personally

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