Sunday ride

Really wanted to crack 100km for the weekend and apart from a less than motivating start i got into the rhythm of things and the km’s ticked by faster and faster. Woke up later than i thought so i aimed for 100km instead of 120km but really, that’s enough riding for me for the moment being. 10km’s in my left hip started hurting again. I am pretty sure it is something positional now and i have a feeling its something to do with my cleat position. I will play with that next round and see how it goes. The franken chain with two quick links on it is making weird sounds. Some of the plates are not aligning properly so i am not going to take the chance of chain-suck for a $35 item and a new one will be put on.

I also have some nokon outers coming and the aim is to make the brake action a tad lighter in lever feel. The cable outers i run are the cheapest ones and have some resistance in it and i can feel the kink at the front brake lines. Hopefully the Nokon’s with the sectional outers will help this. Not a huge change but a small positive change towards improvement.

I made sure to eat over the course of 100km but looking back it still ain’t enough. I enjoyed the ride thoroughly though as the weather was great and it feels like i have covered some distance and knowing that surely this distance will be good for my form.

I love my BMC.

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