Euro mtbs

They tend to either prefer hardcore race hardtails or beefy mega avalanche style enduro bikes but they certainly have their own style. Definitely different to how Americans/Australians setup their bikes. Usually favouring euro forks rather than fox/rockshox and usually with exotic components ie tune/schlmoke/axlightness. They also seem to love their tubulars for racing. Most of them do race competitively too so it ain’t just all for show. Must be working for them on their courses i suppose.

Scott with rotor crankset/q-rings + dugast tubs. Love this bike.

Older Scott LTD ISP on tubs once again with choice parts from mcfk and tune. My French is non existent but from what google translate says he seems to have converted his 9spd xtr rear derailleur to adapt to a 10spd shifter and 10spd cassette.

Same frame as the nosaint. Dugast tubs once again on exotic srt axlightness tub wheelset. Rotor q ring setup + scrub rotors + magura durin. Euro riders seem to prefer Magura/dt swiss. Maybe support has something to do with it or maybe just marketing.

Look 986 on dugast tubs once again. Holy crap they have a rubber fetish. Formula r1’s are a fave amongst racers and tune speedneedle is old fave too. The speed needle is modeled on the old flite so if you can ride selle italia slr/flite series you should do fine on the speedneedles.

Merida o.nine runs sid worldcups and roll on reynolds tubulars once again with tufo tubs. Full xx groupset with sisl crankset and your typical euro stuff to round out the rest.


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