First mtb ride

for awhile at least. Did 2x loops loftus pretty much and had a ball. Mtb is fun! Luckily my mtb skills haven’t left me and i love the feeling of dodging rocks and carving up the singletrack. Awesome!

Was also the first ride with the Scale and it has being very very positive experience. I am aware of the whole new bike syndrome but i will try to be as impartial as i can with a few of the points i have noticed on a very familiar loop.

1. The bike is fast. 32T really doesn’t cut it for a front chainring. If i stick with 32T up front i will have to be content to just freewheel a lot on anything firetrail/dh. 32-30 on this bike feels like 32-34 on the Yeti. 2 gears easier going up through all sections.

2. The fact that my first mtb ride in 10 weeks after my accident is on a new and aggressive race bike had me worried. I didn’t need to worry. The geo is aggressive, yes, but it is definitely still confident in the technical sections. It feels very balanced overall and still was fun to chuck around and hop off ledges. You know you are feeling confident when you do stupid stuff for the sake of it and just generally muck around for fun.

3. It is a very compliant hardtail frame. Compliance = comfort + traction. Compliance in a hardtail frame is good. When i was choosing a race hardtail (after the arc was ruled out due to logistical issues) i was after 1 thing in particular. Compliance. Everyone makes a hardtail frame but only the flash/scale are known to be an abnormally compliant frame even for carbon standards. SDS or SAVE or whatever they call it. It does work. Steel still has it beat on the comfort level by a small margin but where the carbon has the steel beat is on the weight (most likely half the weight) and also lack of pogo feel. All of the steel frames i have ridden has that annoying pogo stick feel from the rear when you bounce up and down. The scale has non of that pogoness but still sucks up the bumps.

4. I knew my seatpost clamp would slip.

5. WTF the headset is already gritting with sand. Poor form.

6. Bar ends are pretty thin and angled wrongly atm but damn they are good in “certain conditions”. Head down and put the power down is one of those conditions and the other is climbing out of the saddle. Feels great. Feels suited to my style of riding. Grinding up steep hills is much harder for me.

The real test for the scale is how it handles moderate technical trails like Appin and Md. If it can pass those trails with flying colours then fullscores will have to be given. I have had hardtails before but i was always put off one way or another. Maybe it is because i built up those hardtails with spare parts and have not truly experienced what a hardtail with good parts will feel like. When i say good parts i mean specifically tubeless wheelset with high volume tyres. So i think i am impressed because of two things. The scale frame is good and for once my parts pick isn’t out of my spare parts bin which really does change the way a bike can ride ie crossmark tubed tyres vs race king tubeless is no comparison!

Still, i need to ride it more for me to be conclusive about my findings but first impressions are positive and unlike road bikes i actually feel confident enough to review a bike without shooting myself in the foot completely. LOL

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