I have lights to night ride again. Firstly though see if you guys can guess what some of these quirky small items are.

Super small but super strong magnet. If you hate the look of a zip tied magnet around ur crankset just use this. Cheap and with a dab of glue it will be hidden from view. I don’t know how they managed to ship matches though. Doesn’t that conflict with some aero transportation rule?

Syntace requires these bar caps to be used on their cf bars if bar ends are used in conjunction with the handlebars. I might try and texta the silver cap look though. Dislike.

KCNC brake shoes and new swisstop pads for the BMC. Brake shoes are to replace the standard shimano ones and new swisstop pads are to replace the worn swiss pads i am using now. Tried a few different compounds for brake pads and swisstop is still no 1 in power and feel.

Lupine is basically the bees knees interms of lighting solutions. Lupine Piko isn’t the brightest at around 550 lumens but once again weight and ease of mounting was a concern for me. The quality of the lightset is typically german and you really get what you pay for i guess. One thing that annoyed me with ayups are the fact that the lights aren’t regulated. They eventually dim from the 1hr mark and by the 2-3hr mark you are left with less light. Might not annoy some but annoys me. The lupines are regulated to run at the same output for the entirety of its battery span. Problematic issues are that  on high the batt only lasts for 2.5hrs. Not quite enough for a 80km ride at night and certainly not enough without charging for 24hr events. Still, i figured that the medium mode is still brighter than ayup and that will last about 7hrs or so. Maybe in the future i will compliment the Piko with another set on the handlebars.


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