Weekend in summary

On Saturday we had a massive group of 10+ riders going on my normal Kurnell run. It was a very eventful ride but i hope at the end of the day everyone had a good time. The good thing about this ride is i have a feeling my form is coming back now. It is pretty apparent to me now that my seatpost is set too low for the last 2-3 weeks *overly sore quads + just a generally feeling it ain’t right* but when i raise it to what i think is the right height my left hips start hurting more. It could be a combo of wrong left foot cleat positioning or the fact that i might have slightly injured it on my first ride back and it has being weird ever since. Still, even with the seatpost height not optimised the Kurnell run was okish. Wasn’t really sure what to expect so started the chase well after the round about and generally just mucking about still lead to a decent time. Tonight i will go for a longer ride just to sus out seatpost height once again. I might play with cleat positioning before i head out too. I believe once i have this factor solved i can really regain the confidence to push myself hard again.

Sunday i went suit shopping with Ley, Eddie and Winnie and it was more fun than i anticipated. Most of the fun was at Eddie’s expense though but i am sure his used to it lol. It is a little hard to find suits for someone of my physique and it will take a little bit more looking around to find that something special. I hardly wear shirts/suits so when i put them on i do feel special :p

Randomly here is a picture of me with a top hat on

Afterwards we sporadically decided to go to Costco and check out what all the fuss is about. The place itself is ok size wise. People say its huge and stuff but there are other centres which are similar in size. What’s really huge is all the items inside it. I never knew you could purchase Toblerone in such a massive size previously. Everything is mega sized in Costco. For me though it is all a little too much. I see myself coming here twice or three times every year and stocking up on necessities and then getting the eff out. Too much stress in that place and you really couldn’t call it an enjoyable shopping experience.

That same night we headed to Ryan/Pat’s place in the city and enjoyed dinner cooked by Pat’s salsa partner and then played scattergories and taboo. I tell you those games bring out the inner you in ways you would not believe. Ultimately though very fun even if it is a little aggressive at times lol.

Tonight’s plans are for a 70-80km ride and then coming home to dinner and then start work on that bmc list of things to do and then hopefully snatch an ebay bargain tonight. Bicycle filled night ftw.


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