More Scott 2012 stuff (scale + spark)

I was surfing Scott USA’s website the other night and it seems like they were testing the 2012 model pages. For a little while they had the 26er models online. It was a little buggy but after a little bit of html trickery i managed to download these images. Seems like many of you are hungry for it so here are some more!  Hello to readers too 😉

ps :: scott please don’t sue me


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10 responses to “More Scott 2012 stuff (scale + spark)

  1. Such tastiness right there.

  2. ventcha

    thanks;-) sorry if i have stolen your pics, but you’re the only one to have them in the web 😉
    thanks again!!!

  3. ukalipt

    probably time i upgraded

  4. Roger

    I have a Scott Scale 10 from 2011 have to say the new 2012 version looks dull.
    I was thinking about getting the 2012 spark RC but despite it being an awesome bike technically its doesn’t look a patch the the old 2011 RC. Might wait another year ;(

  5. Roger

    Maybe they will look better in the flesh. Will be off to the Scott show 12/13th September

    • yes, maybe better in real life! however i have seen a real life pic of scale 10 and the silver finish did not impress me that much.

      • Roger

        Yes quite a difference to the lovely lime green/white/black of the 2011. I put some white DT Swiss wheels in mine as well..

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