A few little things

Finally got off my ass to give the BMC a little loving. First i purchased a new set of swissstops as the old is wearing out and whilst ordering i ordered a set of KCNC brake shoes too. A little treat.

Next thing i did was a complete drivetrain clean. Cassette was taken off and cleaned thoroughly before a new dura-ace chain found its way onto my bike. I made sure to lube the chain with Chain-l (later review on that) and then proceeded to retune front and rear derailleurs just to make sure (which is a snap on di2).

Mmmmm clean chain

Next thing i did is a complete overhaul on the brake cables. The brake cables i was using previously are pretty cheapo $5 items and whilst they brake and all they always felt overly sticky. One thing i always love on my bikes are a resistence free brake lever. Mission accomplished. The Nokons have transformed the brakes from ok to fantastic. I wonder why i did not do this from the beginning. One kit is pretty expensive but since i only did the brake cables on the bmc (di2 cabling for shifting) i have the reminder of the kit for the scale which only needs shifting cables done (because mtbs run hydros duh). So $50-60 for two bikes isn’t too bad!

Weight of the BMC? Always coming down in the littlest chunks. Weight now is 6.75kg.

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