HP Touchpad

First impressions are key and it seems like it might be the only impression i will get. Looks like we will be giving the tablet to Ley’s dad for fathers day so our time with it is going to be short lived.

First impressions are that it is not as good as an ipad in pretty much all ways but the price. The unit is thicker/heavier and the screen is less crisp. The response time on the tablet is also slower than apple and the lack of apps might put some customers off. Sure we have all we need on a tablet (browser/fb/twitter/mail etc) but others might like to explore the wonderful world that is useless app purchasing.

I am pretty sure most of that lag is to do with the WEBos interface which is a lot less polished than it should be. The experience reflected what i felt when i first used android (admittedly when android was in it’s early stages) and that is it feels like a less polished iOS interface. You take a lot of the iOS experience for granted, until you use a device that isn’t iOS based.

On it’s merits are the fact that an android port will most likely be available soon which will improve the user experience ten fold easily i reckon. The hardware in the tablet isn’t shoddy and it is fast but the os is letting it down. Flash is also nice on a tablet device and really allows you to visit all parts of the interweb without fear of incompatibility.

If i purchased the HP touchpad for $695 or so i would most likely shoot myself in the foot. If i purchased the device for $140 or so dollars and have to stick with the WEBos i will make do. The price more than justifies everything else. If i purchased the device for $140 and later on upgraded the OS to android it would be a huge bargain.

If you can still find one of these tablets lying around, feel free to pick one up knowing that android shouldn’t be too far off in the future.


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  1. you didn’t go deep enough for proper inception! pic of tablet on blog that is displaying your blog with a pic of the tablet displaying your blog with a pic of a tablet displaying your blog with a pic of a tablet displaying your blog… -_-

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