IPhone remote location services

I always knew this was in place but never got off my ass to do it. Brandon’s work mate left his phone at a cafe and forgot about it for 10 seconds and when he walked back it was gone. I highly urge you guys with Iphone’s to take the time and set this up. In the event of the unthinkable you at least have a better chance to recover your phone. If you can’t recover your phone you can also choose to remotely wipe all your contents just in case you have “compromising” pictures on your phone.

Easy steps

1. Go to settings
2. Go to mail, contacts, calendars
3.  Click on “Add Account…”
4. Click mobileme
5. Login with your Apple ID and PW and if you don’t have a mobileme account Apple will create one for you automatically.
6. Your done. Visit www.me.com to track and do other nifty stuff with your phone remotely. Do not access this site when you are drunk or give the login details to your ex girlfriend.  



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