New fork

New fork for scale. I went back and forth with a couple of choices but in the end am happy with my decision. I was choosing between either the sids or the magura durins or the dt swiss xrm100’s (all in tapered version). At the end of the day, whilst the magura/dt swiss is more aesthetically pleasing they both lacked plenty of user reviews and spare parts/servicing is a grey area. At least for us non euro countries that is.

I wanted something light but didn’t care too much for the remote so that ruled out the Sid XX. In doing so i gain the blackbox motion control damper unit (most people don’t realise the XX damper is different to the world cup) which is the theoretical best damper of all the sid dampers. I hate the fact that finding a tapered fork is a much more daunting affair in comparison to straight 1 1/8 and prices are usually higher as well. I managed to find this fork on special at 30% off and i just could not say no. I was planning to spend full price but 30% off is certainly a welcome addition. Even more welcome is the fact that it comes in a black finish *which i believe matches the scale better* and on a less superficial level, the maxle lite 15 axle. Basically qr15 and whilst i was willing to go for 9mm QR the qr15 is i believe the standard that all mtb forks should be.

It isn’t super annoying but it is a small difference that can be felt no matter what weight you are and it obviously shows the heavier you are and the more faster/aggressively you ride. Rebas are pretty solid but i did feel it twist a little under hard braking and turning at the same time. Small fault but a fault never-the-less, a fault that qr15 should eliminate completely.

So at the end the day i managed to find myself a fork that is both lightweight/performance enhancing/aesthetically matching/bargain. I have also ridden on sid’s previously so the guess work was taken out of the equation. Servicing should also be simpler with such a widely available fork.

Oh another positive i just thought about is the fact that i will be able to swap wheels with my Yeti which also runs the qr15. This is good because the Yeti will be running chunkier rubbers and it will be good to try the scale on chunky rubbers from time to time.

XX chain
XX rear derailleur
XX shifter
XX cassette
XX brakes
XTR race pedal
Rotor S3X stem
Dura-ace front derailleur
Rotor 3D Double crankset

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